Join VMware vCenter 7 Server to Active Directory Domain

To Configure network setting connect to vCenter using Putty
1. Connect to vCenter Server ( using SSH port 22.
2. Enter Username and Password: root/P@ssw0rd.
3.Enter Shell
4. Enter "/opt/VMWare/share/vami/vami_config_net"

5. Choose the option (3): Hostname and choose to rename hostname to "".

6. Configure DNS setting by choosing option (4): DNS, configure DNS as, which is the lab domain controller (windows server 2012)

7. Log in to domain controller, open the DNS management console, and create ( A) record with PTR.

8. Log in to vSphere HTML5 web client Client using administrator@vsphere.local/P@ssw0rd.
9. Go to administration > Single Sign On > Identity Sources > Add.

10. Add Identity Source > Active Directory Over LDAP.

11. Go to Active Director Domain > JOIN AD. 

 12. Restart the vCenter Appliance.

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